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Canvas Printing

If you've never seen a canvas print that has been made from a digitalphoto, then you're in for a treat. Taking a favorite photo and creatingtimeless fine art canvas printsis a wonderful gift idea, or just a great addition to contemporary homedesign. Truly, this type of technology is becoming widespread andpeople are realizing their pictures have a life beyond the tired photoalbum. 

Creation of Canvas Prints

Personalized canvas printsare created directly from your photo using high tech printingtechnology. The process involves a close look at your picture toconfigure the exact color and tone to make it look as close to real aspossible. The machine then creates a larger image of your picture on acanvas, the exact size is your choice. The end result is a large,beautiful print of one of your favorite pictures that you can then haveframed or simply hang on an empty wall. Canvas printingis so high tech that someone simply looking at the picture will thinkthat someone has painted the print. You can either tell them the truth,or keep it secret.

Benefits of Canvas Printing

The beauty of giclee canvas printsis that you can get any size you choose. If you have a huge wall youwant to be splashed with color, choose a colorful print to create thepicture. People are realizing the benefits of canvas printing to makespecial photos timeless. They are much more artistic than simplygetting a photo enlarged because of the precise attention paid to thesmall details of each picture. Also, a top coat of lacquer is put ontop of the canvas photo to give it a true feel of a painting.
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