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Brand Experience and Management

Brand is more than just a logo applied.  Actually brand is combination of many ingredients: media, print imagery, environment ,architecture, environment. These all  are working in the formation of  a single identity. How can you begin to develop a successful brand? Who are you?  A series of stories?  Are you a program or a collection? How can  key audiences perceive you? These all question explores the broad definition of “brand” and offers techniques any organization can use to develop their identity.
Today is the age of the customers and we want  to build our brands with distracted, technology-empowered all consumers. In this new era, we must shift from simply managing a brand to leading the new brand experience — and try to from a company-centric mindset that regards brands as a controllable asset to a customer-centric view that focuses on creating an emotionally resonant brand experience that transcends product and service transactions.
Our Agenda:
•Our brand matters more than ever in the age of the customer.
•Brand experience is our new way of brand management.
•Now we are trying to create a connected brand experience.
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"The Advocrats team is clearly comprised of extraordinary professionals who work wonderfully well together, as well as with their clients."
User Aricent Group User Posted On Nov 27,2014
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