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Back to Back Printing

Back to Back or Duplex printing is the ability of some printers and copiers to print on each sides of the single sheet of paper. Some machines have the capability to print both sides inside in a single pass, although others reverse the sheet of paper soon after the first side is printed. The amount of printing capability will depend on the usage. A "simplex" printer is a printer that prints on one side of the page at a time. It should be noted that any printer can print on both sides of a page, but it becomes a handbook method if it is not a duplex printer. Common applications of duplex printing are books, magazines, coloring textbooks, school worksheets, and so forth. These all created items would not be practical of efficient without the use of a duplex printer. Truly speaking, We are creating quality double sided documents daily would get the most out of these printers.
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"The Advocrats team is clearly comprised of extraordinary professionals who work wonderfully well together, as well as with their clients."
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